DuchnickaWine&Food is a restaurant with open kitchen, wine bar and wine shop fit into industrial interior of the old factory. It offers vast collection of wines and international cuisine of our Chef who passionately and with great deference serves his ingenious dishes. In our shop you can choose the preferred wine from Wine Card – by yourself or with our help. Some wines are available to buy in glasses. In DuchnickaWine&Food we want to satisfy your wishes and provide you with new experiences delivered by infinite compositions of dishes and wines.

Duchnicka Wine & Food Team

GREAT FAIR OF WINES 14.07 - 03.09

For the purchase of wines listed below - wine accessories FREE!!!
  • purchase to 299,00 PLN - 30% off + corkscrew
  • purchase to 599,90 PLN – 35% off + wine pump for 1PLN
  • purchase from 600 PLN – 40% off + electric corkscrew for 1 PLN
Wines taking part in promotional offer:

1. Austria - Johnny Q Chardonnay - 29,90 PLN
perfect to pair with seafood and white meats
2. Chile - Paulita Sauvignon Blanc - 34,90 PLN
perfect Sauvignon Blanc  for snacks, salads and seafood
3. Portugal - Tagus Creek Shiraz & Tauriga Rose - 29,90 PLN
excellent in combination with salads and poultry
4. USA - Menage A Trois Rose - 54,90 pln
goes perfectly with salads, fruits and grilled poultry
5. Argentina - Falling Star Cabernet Sauvignon - 26,90 PLN
perfect for pastas, cheeses and beef
6. France - Domaine De Sereme Reserva Merlot  - 43,90 PLN
Good choice for red meats
7. Spain - Finca Antigua Crianza - 66,90 PLN
For mild cheese, veal or lean beef
8. Spain- Conde De Valdemar Crianza - 66,90 PLN
Excellent with roasted meats, venison and cheeses
9. Chile - Ventisquero Queulat Gran Reserva Carmenere - 74,90 PLN
good combination with grilled or roasted beef, pates
10. Italy - Guasti Clemente Barbera D'Asti - 99,90 PLN
for venison, ripened cheeses and roasted meats
11. Spain - Vina Salceda Reserva  - 99,90 PLN
perfect to pair with venison and red meats
12. USA - First Press Cabernet Sauvignon - 116,00 PLN
Excellent composition with pastas, cheeses and beef

We encourage you to take part in our promotional offer